Invacare® Top End® Pro™-2 All Sport

The Invacare Top End Pro-2 All Sport Wheelchair is all about sports. If you want to play basketball, tennis, softball, table tennis, badmitton, floor hockey or any other sport played on a court. In Stock, Order Today.

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Top End Pro-2 All Sport is designed for the aspiring athlete who wants to play basketball, tennis, softball or any sport played on a court surface. It is available in 3 seat widths, 14″, 16″ and 18″ with easy and quick adjustments. Ready, straight out of the box, includes 25” high performance sport wheels, high pressure tires, a seat cushion, side guards, rear frame protector, single swivel anti-tip bar and positioning strap.

Plus it is stocked and ready to ship.


Are all the colour available?

Our Ready to ship model of the Pro 2 All Sport comes in, 14" White, 16" Red and 18" Blue.

How long will delivery take?

This product is in stock and ready to be shipped

What Sport can i play in this chair?

The Pro 2 All Sport, has been designed for multiple discipline sports in mind. Perfect for Tennis, Basketball, Softball, AFL, Rugby League.

What is the max user weight of the Top End Pro 2 All Sports?

Max user weight is 113kg

Can I add a freewheel?

Yes freewheel can be added with a special kit attachment


Ready to play right out of the box

Positioning strap.

Single swivel anti-tip bar

Rear frame protector,

Side guards

Seat cushion

High pressure tyres

25” high performance sport wheels


Colour is the most individual choice on a wheelchair today. Top End's array of fresh colours allows consumers to customise their wheelchairs to a colour suiting their individual personalities.

From Grasshopper Green to Electric Red, Top End offers a colour for everyone. Whether you're making a fashion statement, matching your favourite sports team or simply coordinating with your clothing through a neutral frame choice, there are plenty of options. Which colour matches your personality? Go ahead... express yourself!

Due to the effects of heat, light and application process, slight colour variations may occur on certain finishes. Specifications and colour selection availability are subject to change without notification.

*Select colours not available on all models.

*Due to the paint application process on some Top End models, these colours may be replaced with a closely matched substitute.

Upholstery Color

Top End has added the camouflage fabric pattern as an option for those who dare to be different. Choose now from camouflage or black.

  • Electric Blue*
  • Tangerine Red
  • White