Invacare® Top End® XLT Handcycle

Safety, comfort and performance are distinguishing characteristics of all of our handcyles. If recreation is your goal, the Invacare® Top End® Excelerator Series Handcycles and Invacare® Top End® XLT Handcycles are great models as they feature a low maintenance 7 speed hubs with reverse hands-on braking. We have the Invacare® Top End® Li’l Excelerator Handcycle for kids too!

For long distances, touring or hilly terrain your best ride is the Invacare® Top End® Force-3 Handcycle because it features 27 speeds and hands-on shifting and braking. Information about this model can be found on the Competitive Handcycles link.
All of our recreation handcycles are equipped with a safety flag, full composite chainguard, cushion and seat/chest restraint as standard, for extra value, comfort and safety.

Whether you’re just starting out or ready to upgrade , an Invacare® Top End® Handcycle is the only way to go! There is much more handcycle information in our FAQ section. How to transfer in and out, tips on racing and other videos give you immediate answers to your questions about this fast growing sport!

Made to Order


The XLT Handcycle features a lightweight aluminum frame, low seat, in a recumbent handcycle design which enhances aerodynamics and 15 degrees of camber to increase stability.

You’ll appreciate the tall, narrow back which offers the maximum range of motion and increased power transfer. Easy to maneuver, the XLT Handcycle can hit speeds of 20 mph.

The XLT Handcycle also comes standard with a wealth of safety features, including reflectors, full chain guard, foot safety straps, safety flag, cushion and seat restraints. You can also choose from several optional safety enhancements, including mirror, helmet, safety lights, hydration systems and more.

Exercise is a cinch with this handcycle. The Invacare® Top End® XLT Handcycle is an example of excellence and craftsmanship.


Colour is the most individual choice on a wheelchair today. Top End's array of fresh colours allows consumers to customise their wheelchairs to a colour suiting their individual personalities.

From Grasshopper Green to Electric Red, Top End offers a colour for everyone. Whether you're making a fashion statement, matching your favourite sports team or simply coordinating with your clothing through a neutral frame choice, there are plenty of options. Which colour matches your personality? Go ahead... express yourself!

Due to the effects of heat, light and application process, slight colour variations may occur on certain finishes. Specifications and colour selection availability are subject to change without notification.

*Select colours not available on all models.

*Due to the paint application process on some Top End models, these colours may be replaced with a closely matched substitute.

Upholstery Color

Top End has added the camouflage fabric pattern as an option for those who dare to be different. Choose now from camouflage or black.

  • Electric Blue*
  • Grasshopper Green
  • Safety Yellow
  • Sunkissed Orange
  • Tangerine Red
  • Electric Red*
  • Bubblegum Pink
  • Grape Madness
  • Black Prism
  • Wet Black
  • Midnight Blue
  • Silver Metallic
  • White
  • Camouflage
  • Digital Camouflage